Announcing New Session… The “Fresh 48”!

I’ve added a “Fresh 48” session to help you remember the delicate details of your baby’s skin, face, fingers, and toes; his or her first cries, yawns, and feeding sessions; the first time he or she meets a sibling or takes a bath. This session is scheduled within the first 24-48 hours of your child’s birth at the hospital, birthing center, or home where you delivered.

Meeting Marquette

Fresh snow was on the ground, sunlight filled the room, and baby Marquette was getting cozy and ready for her first photoshoot with her new big brother. Oliver was such a good helper and knew just how to cheese it up for the camera. What a wonderful way to welcome a new year!  

Alora | Newborn Session

Oh my word… Not only did this beautiful little babe sleep through this entire session, but literally right as I was primed to take my very first shot, she smiled for me. (It may have been a milk-induced phantom smile, but my heart melted nonetheless!) I absolutely adored her sweet cheeks and that dark hair. Alora’s parents were so calm and relaxed while I photographed her on lovely handmade quilts. They moved around the house with such ease to keep Alora comfortable and cozy. It was such a joy to spend the morning with these three. Welcome to the world Alora….

Peyton | Newborn Session

Everything about this session was cozy, intimate, and sweet. Peyton has two “big brothers” – their dogs – who laid by my side (and sometimes hers) while we worked in this adorable Fixer Upper-inspired house. One of my favorite pictures is of her laying next to her dad. She was starting to get a little fussy, but she immediately calmed down when he started talking to her. It was precious.

A Pixar Themed Nursery

Pregnancy is so cool. I love doing a maternity session with a couple then returning to meet their new baby. What a joy it is to capture the gift of a new life! This little man was quiet, calm, and alert for most of our two-hour session. Not only is he the most adorable fox I’ve ever seen, but his nursery is Pinterest-worthy! His parents love Pixar (as do I), and they did a fantastic job decorating his new room!