Ruth Turns One!

This little girl is so sweet, I can’t even handle it. Her birthday is next week, and to capture this special occasion, I met her parents in Ault Park’s Rose Garden — the same spot where they tied the knot almost three years ago! We had fun getting Ruth to point, smile, and clap her hands. When her mom asks “How big is Ruth?!” she throws her hands into the air with a big smile. Too funny! Ruth’s grandparents also joined us for part of the session. Sometimes, little ones need some help posing and staying still for pictures and having a loved one stand behind me helps us capture some authentic smiles. It was very sweet to see how much she loved them.

Ault Park is gorgeous right now and full of lush, colorful flowers and foliage. We went early in the morning when the sky was still a bit overcast, and the park wasn’t too crowded. It was the perfect spot for this little family session. I’ve loved watching these two people become parents, and I’m grateful to be their friend and neighbor!

Happy Birthday Ruth!!

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